Hisense TV White Screen: How to Fix?

Seeing a white screen on your Hisense TV can be frustrating. This issue could be due to a few different causes, but thankfully, there are some steps you can take to fix it yourself. This article will discuss the major reasons for the Hisens white screen problem and the best solutions.

Potential Causes of White Screen on Hisense TV

There are a handful of possible causes behind a Hisense TV displaying a white screen instead of your show or movie:

Input or Source Issue:  You may see a blank white screen if the TV is switched to the wrong input source. Checking the input settings and selecting the right one can resolve this basic issue.

Connected Device Problem: If you see a white screen when viewing content from a specific device like a DVD player, game console, or cable box, there may be a connectivity problem with that device. Reconnecting cables, power cycling the device, or trying a different device can help diagnose this.

TV Setting Glitch Sometimes, a setting like the picture mode, aspect ratio, or zoom level can get switched incorrectly and lead to a white screen. Checking TV settings can uncover if this is the culprit.

Hisene TV White Screen

App or Smart TV Interface Issue: A white screen is common if an app or Smart TV interface freezes or has an error. Force closing the problematic app or restarting the Smart TV system is worth trying.

Weak or Lost Signal: For TV watching that relies on an antenna, satellite, or cable connection, a weak signal can cause a blank white display. Checking connections and signal strength levels may help.

Hardware Malfunction: In rare cases, an internal hardware problem like a faulty LCD panel, loose cable, or defective video processing component can be the reason behind a white screen. This typically requires a TV repair service.

So, in summary, the white screen could stem from a minor settings glitch, connection issue, or hardware failure in some cases. Running through some basic troubleshooting is often the best first step.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Hisense TV White Screen, No Picture:

Here are some of the easiest ways to troubleshoot and attempt to resolve a Hisense TV showing a white screen in the order they should be tried:

Perform a Power Reset

Power Cycle TV

Resetting your Hisense smart TV to factory settings can clear up system errors causing the white screen:

  • Go to the Admin & Privacy section from the TV settings menu, then select Factory Data Reset. This will erase all personal settings and apps.
  • Unplug the TV power cord for 2 full minutes. This clears residual power from the system and allows a fresh start upon reboot.
  • Press and hold the power button on the Hisense TV for 30 seconds. This will discharge any remaining power, and then your TV will restart.
  • Plug the power cord back in and power on your TV. Allow the initial setup process to complete, like when taking it out of the box.
  • Check if the white screen issue has been resolved before reconnecting your devices and reinstalling apps.

Resetting the TV software and settings gives the system a fresh start and usually fixes many common errors.

Check Your Connections

Hdmi Cable

The first thing to check is whether your Hisense TV is properly connected to a power source, HDMI devices like a cable box or Blu-ray player, and the internet if you’re using smart TV apps.

  • Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into the TV and a working electrical outlet. Unplug it from both ends, wait 30 seconds, then firmly plug it back in.
  • For devices connected via HDMI, unplug each HDMI cable one at a time from the TV, wait 10 seconds, and reconnect to see if one of the connections is faulty. Try different HDMI ports on the TV if needed.
  • Double-check that the connection is working properly if you’re using Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable for the internet. Reboot your modem/router if needed.
  • Disable HDMI device controls via the device link or CEC features in your TV settings menu. This can sometimes fix connectivity issues.

Proper cabling is important for getting the video signal to come through correctly. Reseating connections fixes many white screen issues.

Check Your Input Source

HDMI Output

Often, the white screen appears because the TV input source is incorrectly set.

  • Use your Hisense remote to toggle through the input buttons like HDMI1, HDMI2, TV, Component, etc. You may see the video come back on one of the sources.
  • You can also access the inputs menu through the settings to confirm which device is selected for each input. Ensure the proper device, like your cable box or game console, is selected for each HDMI port you have a device plugged into.

If you recently connected a new device, you may need to select that input source and allow the TV and device to handshake and establish a connection.

Adjust Picture Settings

Hisense TV picture Settings

Improper display settings like brightness and contrast can sometimes lead to a white screen display. Navigate to the picture settings menu and adjust the following:

  • Picture Mode – Change from current mode to Standard/Theater day/night, etc.
  • Backlight – Increase backlight intensity if set too low.
  • Brightness – Lower brightness if set too high.
  • Contrast – Adjust contrast level. Too high contrast can cause a white display.
  • Color – Reset color and tint to default mid-level.

Make small incremental adjustment changes and check if the screen returns to normal.

Install Firmware Update

Hisense TV System Update

Hisense periodically rolls out firmware updates with bug fixes for reported problems. To install an available update:

  • Go to the TV settings and then ‘System Update.’
  • Select ‘Download and Install’ to update the TV if a firmware update is available.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the firmware installation to complete.
  • Once updated, your TV will reboot with the new firmware. This can potentially fix white screen software bugs.

Perform Factory Reset

Hisense TV Factory Reset

After troubleshooting, the factory reset should be your first solution to clear any underlying software glitches. Follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘ System ‘ from the TV settings menu and then select ‘Factory Data Reset.’ This will initiate the reset process.
  • The TV will reboot and erase all user data and settings. The initial setup wizard will appear when the TV restarts.
  • Complete the setup process, test the TV, and check if the white screen issue is resolved after the reset.

Hardware Repairs

ribbon cables of hisense tv board

Professional repair is needed if you have narrowed down the issue to hardware faults like a defective display panel, main board failure, etc. Some hardware fixes include:

  • Display panel replacement – If the LED/LCD screen is damaged and shows visual artifacts.
  • Mainboard replacement – For motherboard failures causing startup/display issues.
  • Ribbon cable reseating – Loose internal cable connections can also manifest as a white display.
  • T-CON board replacement – Faulty T-CON board components can produce a blank white display.

Expert repair technicians have the skills and tools required to diagnose the exact hardware fault and implement the fix needed.

Contact Hisense Support

If you cannot fix the Hisense TV white screen despite trying the above solutions, contact Hisense support. Explain the troubleshooting steps taken and the problem history. They can provide additional tailored troubleshooting and service options to address the issue.


With easy home troubleshooting and help from Hisense support, you can usually resolve the frustrating smart TV white screen quickly. Check connections and input sources, reset your TV to factory defaults, install the latest updates, and contact Hisense experts for assistance. Following these steps will have you streaming, surfing, and viewing your favorite shows again in no time.

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